Operation Texonto is a disinformation/psychological operations (PSYOP) campaign identified by ESET Research, primarily targeting Ukrainian speakers through spam emails. The operation, detected in two waves in late 2023, spread messages about heating interruptions, drug and food shortages, which are typical themes of Russian propaganda. In addition to disinformation, ESET uncovered a spearphishing campaign against a Ukrainian defense company and an EU agency, aiming to steal credentials for Microsoft Office 365 accounts. This activity showcases an intersection of espionage, information operations, and fake pharmaceutical promotions, reminiscent of tactics used by the Russia-aligned group Callisto. Despite the lack of direct technical overlap, ESET attributes Operation Texonto with high confidence to a Russian-aligned group, given the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), targeting, and message dissemination strategy observed. Moreover, the campaign's infrastructure was notably repurposed for sending Canadian pharmacy spam, suggesting either an intent to monetize the infrastructure or to fund future operations. This multifaceted operation highlights the complex landscape of contemporary cyber threats and information warfare tactics employed amidst the ongoing conflict involving Ukraine.


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