ThreatSTOP CEO Tom Byrnes has been invited to speak at two events in D.C.

The first will be at ISOI9 on either May 12 or 13th (TBD).  He will speak about CAPS, anonymized log sharing, and ThreatSTOP's “Channel 42” on SIE. The CYBER-TA Anonymous Alert Publication System (aka CAPS), originally developed by SRI, has all the features required for log anonymization but has not been maintained for some years. ThreatSTOP has reached agreement with SRI to take over maintenance of the code. See our blog about this. This enables sharing of information among users, which leads to a virtuous cycle as each user becomes a detector, and is how we can move from the Wild West of the current Internet to a civilized society, without requiring centralized control or walled gardens. ThreatSTOP is a member of the Security Information Exchange (SIE) run by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC). Through channel 42, ThreatSTOP will provide other SIE members with data from our subscribers once it has been passed through CAPS to ensure anonymity.

The second will be at Cybersecurity Strategies Summit. This is an event sponsored by Securing our eCity, a private/public partnership dedicated to the mission of helping businesses, governments and individuals learn best practices of cybersecurity and protect themselves against cybercrime.  On May 11,Tom will give a  tutorial on how small and medium enterprises need to put the policies, procedures and systems in place to protect themselves against the various threats they face.