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Today in the news…

Why lawmakers’ personal accounts are a prime target from foreign hackers.

Main Takeaway Points:

  • Hackers don’t need to come through the front door, they can compromise personal accounts and use those devices to get into your network.
  • With the rise of BYOD, you have an increase in the amount of devices you don’t control that are on your network. If they get compromised at home, they come to the office and compromise your internal network.
  • Using DNS Firewall and IP Firewall, it is possible to block already compromised machines from connecting to their masters when inside your network. That means that both you can protect your network and notify the user they are infected so they can protect their own personal information
  • With ThreatSTOP's DNS Roaming, you can provide your employees enterprise security at home, so they don’t get compromised to begin with.

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