ThreatSTOP is excited to introduce 'Application Control' to our security suite, starting with 'Remote Desktop' management. This new feature enables businesses to effectively manage application communications, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access and cyber threats. In the coming weeks, we will extend this capability to third-party proxies, VPNs, and social media networks.

We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to the ThreatSTOP product suite: 'Application Control'. This new feature marks a significant leap in our commitment to proactive protection, specifically focusing on 'Remote Desktop' support.

Remote desktop applications are crucial for business flexibility and are increasingly targeted by cyber attackers. With this rollout, ThreatSTOP now allows businesses to precisely control permissions for applications like AnyDesk, LogMeIn, RemotePC, and others, enhancing network security and operational integrity.

Cybersecurity authorities such as CISA have noted alarming trends where legitimate RMM tools like TeamViewer and AnyDesk are exploited by cybercriminals to conduct phishing scams and gain unauthorized access (CISA)​​ (BleepingComputer)​​ (TodylCyber)​ (

These breaches underscore the importance of stringent application control, as attackers also utilize Remote Access Trojans (RATs) such as njRAT and Poison Ivy to execute malicious activities stealthily (Infosec Institute).

Our new application control feature not only tightens security over remote access applications but also prepares to expand this protection to cover third-party proxies and VPNs as well as social media platforms, offering comprehensive management of digital threats.

For those interested in enhancing their cybersecurity framework or to learn more about our proactive protections, we invite you to visit our product page. Discover how ThreatSTOP can transform your security landscape, offering tailored solutions for organizations of all sizes. Start with a demo today and see the difference proactive protection can make.  

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