We are happy to announce the release of new Drive-by targets to increase protection for our customers. The following new targets will be available to use in ThreatSTOP policies on Monday, October 2nd :

  • TS Curated - Drive-by Attacks Tier 1 - IPs (Standard and Expert)
  • TS Originated - Drive-by Attacks - Domains (Expert)
  • TS Originated - Drive-by Attacks - IPs (Expert)

The newly created Originated targets have already been integrated into our Standard TS Curated - Drive-by Attacks Targets. If TS Curated - Drive-by Attacks is not already in your policy we highly advise adding it to protect yourself from Exploit Kit attacks. The newly created Drive-by IPs target adds another layer of protection against these types of attacks by blocking the IPs rather then the domains, and should also be added to policies in order to provide increased protection.

If you do not have a ThreatSTOP account, 
Sign up. If you do have a ThreatSTOP account, instructions to add targets to DNS or IP Defense policies are available on the ThreatSTOP Documentation Hub. Or, contact our Support team.