One of ThreatSTOP's goals has been to help reduce spam on the Internet. Besides being a source of constant annoyance in email, spam, malspam, phishing and spear-phishing all pose large security risks. In recent years, spammers have also discovered a new prime target for spam: website commenting systems. 

Websites, blogs and social media services can all host methods of communication by random users. By doing so, they also open themselves to exploitation by spammers of various sorts.

ThreatSTOP's new Comments Spamming Bots - IPs target contains the IP addresses of known spammers and spam services. Enabling this inbound target in your custom policy will prevent spammers from these sites locations from ever reaching yours. This will diminish spam comments appearing on your site. Additionally, blocking spam at the perimeter – which ThreatSTOP's services do – helps to reduce network traffic load, and save on bandwidth. This means your users are able to get to your content faster while blocking spammers, which will increase your actual customer's satisfaction levels.

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